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“Trust: Why it’s important; How to Gain it; How to keep it and How to recover it”


Trust is crucial in healthcare, emergency management and public health; if you don’t have it, your job will be incredibly challenging. If your organization doesn’t have it, your job will be even more challenging. Two leaders in trust will discuss how to gain it, build it, and keep it.

About the Presenters:

Dave Reddick

David Reddick is chief strategy officer and co-founder of Bio-Defense Network, a national public health preparedness consultancy.  He holds a certificate in emergency management and crisis leadership from Saint Louis University, where he also studied for a Master of Public Health degree.


Keith Hansen

Mr. Hansen has conducted education, training, and disaster drills/exercises for Fortune 500 companies, higher education, public health departments, hospitals, emergency management agencies, and first responders. He is currently the Chairperson of the Nebraska State Emergency Response Commission and the Training Director for the Great Plains Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. He conducts training in Incident Command, Exercise Development, Business Continuity and basic emergency preparedness for healthcare and public health.

In his last position, he created and implemented Nebraska’s Strategic National Stockpile Plan and served as the ESF-8 coordinator for Nebraska’s Public Health and Medical disaster response. Mr. Hansen has earned a Masters of Business Administration and has extensive experience in training, organizational/strategic planning, project management and leadership.

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