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You got Actors, Now What?  Creating an exercise plan that goes deeper than just the Emergency department


When planning a full-scale exercise for a hospital, often we think of stressing the Emergency department, maybe creating a family reunification center, filling all the beds, maybe even running out of emergency department equipment supplies, but what about the inner workings of the hospital?  In this discussion, we will talk about the less though of but just as important aspects of creating a mindset of preparedness including exterior security and traffic patterns, pharmacy preparedness and demands, lab and blood bank preparedness, and some ideas on how to stress and test your OR including OR boarding triage and sterile processing/supplies.    

About the Presenter:

Naomi J. Ishioka, RN MSN CEN NDHP-BC PEM

As a nurse in the Emergency department for many years, Naomi Has had many opportunities to be involved in Emergency preparedness at different levels.  As the Emergency preparedness coordinator for a level 2 Trauma center, she has explored many methods of engaging the entire hospital in preparedness activities from housekeeping to senior leadership, from the medical staff to the dietary staff, she has worked to create a response plan that involves and engages all aspects of the hospital to create a mindset of readiness.  

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