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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there time to meet outside of the exhibit area?

Yes! As AHEPP Annual is all about networking - for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors - we have introduced many initiatives in the past to increase general meeting time in the exhibitors’ hall. Not only are the food and beverage stations positioned within the exhibit area, but exhibitors and sponsors are also encouraged to participate in the Conference program to enhance your exposure.

When will we know who is attending the Conference?

Every sponsor will receive a list of conference attendees about 2 weeks prior to the Conference. We do not share email addresses but will share physical addresses and names, organization and roles of individuals that grant permission to do so. As many registrations happen leading up to Conference, we will send another attendee list about 2 weeks following the Conference.

As a vendor, can I attend all the sessions and events at Conference?


Yes! AHEPP Annual is designed to be a collaborative networking event. We encourage exhibitors and sponsors to attend all sessions, collaborate with colleagues workshops, and networking events over the 2 days at Conference to build relationships. 

Additional Questions?


Interested in learning more about how AHEPP Annual exhibiting and sponsoring opportunities can help you? Please contact AHEPP’s Director of Marketing and Communication, Chris Sonne at



Our sociable Conference offers the perfect setting in which to have meaningful conversations from open to finish. We provide numerous collaboration sessions and informal networking opportunities to socialize with the leaders from organizations, develop a stronger connection, and build interest in what you stand for.



AHEPP dedicates time and space for exhibitors and sponsors to display their offerings, pique interest, and ignite conversations with leaders and decision makers. Take advantage of the exhibit hall, the heart of the Conference, to discuss new initiatives and develop relationships.



AHEPP Annual is an open format, where exhibitors and sponsors are encouraged to engage in the program as well as drive meetings in the exhibit hall. 

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