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Pediatric Dashboard: Sharing Critical Information in a Timely Manner



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Hospitals whose primary focus is not pediatrics often feel stuck when the topic of pediatric disasters arises. The focus is often on transporting to the nearest pediatric hospital, instead of understanding the available resources and relying on the correct resources to resolve the issue at hand. The Eastern Great Lakes branch of the Pediatric Center of Excellence Grant has created a dashboard to assist hospitals in realizing the pediatric resources that are available during a disaster not only in their state but also surrounding states. This dashboard was created in partnership with Juvare, a common partner in emergency response technology across the country. Using Epic's shared platform, we have collaborated with children's centers of excellence across the country to test and share results from pediatric focused exercises over the past year. The utilization of this dashboard significantly increases efficiency of hospitals during a disaster, and (more importantly) decreases the time that it takes to move a pediatric patient during a critical time. Other dashboards have been created and implemented previously, however, often requires human intervention to submit data elements which are outdated once submitted. The real time data that populates the dashboard through an EHR interface allows for bed placement information to be accurate when the need arises and allows hospitals that need the most help to utilize these resources quickly. We look forward to sharing lessons learned from exercises, discussing how we utilize the dashboard in this process, and leaning in on what is happening next. 

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