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10 Ways to Cripple Your EM Program and How to Build it Back Stronger

Presented by:

Kyesha L. Turner, MPA, AEM 
Manager, Emergency Management, Emory University Hospital 

Session Description: 

Why do some Emergency Management (EM) programs and Incident Command Teams flourish while others falter? EM programs must have a clear vision that aligns to the organization, an Emergency Manager who is confident in applying their expertise, and leader support.  However, there are some key factors that can negatively impact your program.  It could be high turnover, lack of resources, or that your program is missing some key ingredients.   This presentation will discuss 10 pitfalls that can cripple your emergency management program and some strategies on how to reset and rebuild.    

About the Presenter:

Ms. Turner is the Management Director for the largest public healthcare delivery system in the country, NYC Health + Hospitals.  Her responsibilities included overseeing Training, Exercises, and Response for 11 Acute Care Hospitals, 5 Long Term Care facilities, 7 ambulatory care clinics, and 70+ neighborhood health centers and school-based clinics.  She also served as Director of ED Operations at North Central Bronx Hospital.  Growing up in New York City, Ms. Turner has seen her fair share of disaster including the 1990 Blackout, the 9/11 Terror Attacks, and Hurricane Sandy.  When Ms. Turner discovered that she could actually study and earn a degree in Emergency Management, she enrolled at Metropolitan College of NY where she earned her Masters' Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management.  Driven by her passion for building resilient organizations, she teaches with passion, operated with tenacity, and leads with integrity.  

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