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Angela Devlen, MBCP

Angela Devlen Headshot 2020.jpg
Angela Devlen, MBCP 
CEO, Wakefield Brunswick


About Angela Devlen

Angela is the CEO of Wakefield Brunswick, a healthcare consulting firm she founded in 2009 that advises healthcare organizations on risk and resiliency. She serves as the current Operating Board President of The Association of Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Professionals [AHEPP].


How Leadership can Improve Healthcare Preparedness and Continuity in the Future

March 1, 2022

8:30am - 9:30am


In this session, Angela will tackle head-on the barriers to change and progress in our profession. Drawing from her experience of more than 20 decades of responding to disasters and advising hospitals throughout Canada and the US during COVID, she will share her call to action for us to [Re] Imagine, [Re] Ignite, and [Re] Design our profession.


Participants will receive:

  • Access to a digital leadership toolbox

  • Poll results from throughout the session

  • Complete slides and associated handouts/bibliography

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