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Tobias Watson

Tobias Watson
Exercise Planner, Constant Associates



Tobias Watson is an Exercise Planner with Constant Associates and has a passion making preparedness exercises practical and applicable. He has over 10 years of professional experience encompassing emergency management, firefighting, and emergency medical services. Using his knowledge of field response, he is better able to understand the needs of those in the first responder capacity and the differences between paper plans and frontline needs. 

Mr. Watson graduated from Union College in Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science in International Rescue and Relief. His highlights from college include five weeks of survival and rescue training in the Colorado wilderness that encompassed:

  • Wilderness Survival

  • Search & Rescue

  • Technical Rope and Swift Water Rescue

  • Rescue exercises lasting up to 12 hours into and through the night serving as a rescue and medical provider and in Incident Command positions

During his three-month stint in Nicaragua as a Capstone semester, he:

  • Studied Global Health, Travel and Tropical Medicine, and Community Development

  • Volunteered with in country fire departments responding to fires in the countryside and mountains that lasted multiple days

  • Practiced austere medical care where travel to villages took 4 hours to 2 days by watercraft

Mr. Watson has served in multiples roles for emergency management providing training for emergency response, guidance for COVID-19, and program management and strategic development of healthcare emergency preparedness. His most recent role was the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for a two-campus hospital with a Level II Trauma Center in Lincoln, NE where he grew the program and led strategic changes to lay a future of success.

Mr. Watson’s passion lies in training, exercise, and outreach opportunities. He has proudly innovated creative solutions to identified gaps in preparedness programs to bring unique and usable solutions to the company and employees he works with. He is an active networker believing relationships form the basis for successful planning and emergency response.






The purpose of this course is to equip emergency managers with the knowledge to build a personal and corporate/agency brand geared towards the field of emergency management and effectively communicate that to their desired audience. The focus is aimed at the people in emergency management because people connect to people, not structures. If we want to effectively communicate our work and instill trust, we need our emergency managers to be connected to the community as the face of their respective entities.

This training workshop will walk through how to build proper LinkedIn profiles to enhance visibility and professional appearance to support both the individual and company/agency.
Participants will have training segments covering:

·       LinkedIn profile development and enhancement

·       Content creation

·       Digital networking

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