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Using a shared spreadsheet to solve the patient and family reunification challenge

Steven Ellen, MBA
Project Manager, Mountain Plains Regional Disaster Health Response System 


Steve is a seasoned project manager who has been contributing his expertise to the Mountain Plains Regional Disaster Health Response System grant since January 2021. With a strong background in healthcare administration, he has successfully overseen a diverse range of projects, each with a significant impact on regional pediatric coordination, medical emergency operation center development, and improved access to specialty care subject matter experts.


Steve's career journey reflects his deep commitment to public service and emergency management. With experience as a hospital emergency management coordinator, a Paramedic, HazMat technician, and a volunteer firefighter, he has honed his ability to handle high-pressure situations and deliver results under challenging circumstances. 

Driven by a desire to excel, Steve has not only earned an MBA with a specialization in healthcare administration but is also dedicated to continuous learning. He is currently working towards obtaining certifications in Tableau and Salesforce, which showcase his determination to stay at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements. 

Steve's multifaceted background, dedication to improving healthcare services, and relentless pursuit of knowledge make him an invaluable asset in the field of project management and emergency response. 


The Mountain Plains Regional Disaster Health Response System utilized low cost call center technology partnered with a centralized information database to support family reunification of hospitalized patients in disasters.  This process can scale from local disasters to multistate incidents.  We review the concept development, obstacles, successes, and current implementation status.

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