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The Healthcare Emergency Manger's Guide to Being Noticed


Year after year, healthcare emergency managers complain about how they feel they are not leveraged appropriately in their organizations. In discussing this issue for many years, he has come up with numerous ways to identify and resolve some of the issues of inappropriate, or non-utilization of healthcare emergency managers by their leadership. This presentation will assist the healthcare emergency manager in discovering ways to bring their program front and center, making it more effective and enhancing organizational response operations.

About the Presenter:

Greg Santa Maria, DHSc, MA, MR-P, CHEP

Perry has been working as a Director of Maintenance for Long Term Care Facility's since 2007. His current role is with "The Wolfe Living Center" in Harrah Oklahoma. 

He also serves as a volunteer Firefighter with Hickory Hills Fire Department and has been with them since 2008 but started his volunteer fire service in New Hampshire in 1978 and became an EMT in 1981.  

Perry later moved to Florida and continued to serve his community through church volunteer disaster response teams providing food services to First Responders and survivors of tornados and hurricanes. He also has experience in logistics and materials management with Walt Disney World and worked on the Hurricane Rideout Teams. 

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