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Exhibitor Shipping Information

Special arrangements must be made in advance for receiving any equipment, goods, displays or other materials which will be sent, delivered or brought to the conference hotel. Failure to do this may result in deliveries being refused or materials being unavailable when requested. 




The exhibit / package is to be addressed to the recipient or the receiver on site who will be manning the table top display along with the dates of the show on Monday, November 4th - Wednesday, November 6, 2019.  In addition to the name and the trade show dates, the exhibit / package should list the name of the exhibitor below the name of the recipient. The address of the hotel is c/o Hilton Orlando Altamonte Springs, 350 South Northlake Boulevard, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701.


Sample Shipping Label to be as follows:


  • Hold for the arrival of John Doe

  • XYZ Corporation

  • (AHEPP November 4 -6, 2019)

  • c/o Hilton Orlando Altamonte Springs

  • 350 S. Northlake Boulevard,

  • Altamonte Springs, FL 32701


Upon delivery of the exhibit / package the hotel will secure the package in a secure storage room. Please stop by the front desk to claim your exhibit / package and we will gladly deliver the exhibit / package to the Crystal Ballroom & Conference Foyer where the trade show will be held. Please bring with you the tracking number in case we are unable to locate the package once you are on site.



There are no additional package handling or storage fees. However, the Conference Hotel advises it is an industry tradition to tip the bellman who will load the package on a cart and deliver it to the conference space.   



Exhibitor and sponsor shipments will be accepted on or after Wednesday, October 30th.  If you need to ship earlier, please coordinate this with the Conference Hotel.

Availability of Heavy Equipment

The Conference Hotel does not have heavy equipment available for use. For liability purposes, the Conference Hotel does not handle packages other than moving them from the loading dock to the storage area with a hand truck or a rolling bellman cart. The courier should come with a forklift, a pallet jack, and any additional labor required to move large exhibits and packages to the conference area.    

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