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Poster Abstract Application


  • Risk Assessment

  • Communication (social media, methods, lessons learned)

  • Exercise Design and Conduct

  • Business Continuity

  • Leadership in Disasters

  • Lessons Learned/Recent Events

  • Other

Submission Guidelines

  • Provide the presenter’s name, credentials, professional title, affiliation, and phone number

  • Provide the name, credentials, titles, and affiliation of all co-authors

  • Abstracts should be no greater than 2000 words in length. Abstracts should be formatted as follows:

    • Title

    • Abstract

    • Purpose – What was the intent or goal of the project or study?

    • Background/Significance – What was the problem and why was it important? What knowledge are you building on?

    • Method

      • For research abstract: What was the design, sample, and instruments used?

      • For practice abstract: What was the intervention or practice change?

    • Results

      • For research abstract: What were the findings?

      • For practice abstract: What was the impact on topic (e.g., risk assessment) practice?

    • Conclusion – What do the findings of your research or outcomes of your project mean? What are the implications for moving healthcare preparedness forward?

  • Indicate the intended learning objectives 

  • Indicate the abstract category: research or practice

  • Provide presenter’s biosketch

  • Submit electronically by September 30, 2019.

General Information

  • Poster abstract presenters must register for the conference.

  • Poster board will be 4 ft tall by 6 ft wide on mounted stands.

  • Thumbtacks will be available on-site for mounting. 

  • No audiovisual equipment is permitted for poster presentations. 

  • The presenter must remain by his/her poster for the duration of the presentation sessions. 

  • You may bring handouts to distribute. 

  • Bring business cards with you in case the viewer is interested in more information. 

Judging Criteria

First Impression

  • ​Visual impact

  • Readability


  • Organization of contents

Objectives & Conclusions

  • Significance of the project

  • Objective and conclusions are clearly stated and have been accomplished

Methods & Results

  • Explanation of the process

  • Tables and images are labeled and understandable


  • Presenter’s understanding of the topic

  • Presentation and delivery


Posters will be judged on Day 1 of the conference by the poster judging committee. Three awards will be selected for the research category and three awards will be selected for the practice category, for a total of 6 awards.

Research Category

  •  1st Place: 1 free conference registration to the AHEPP Annual 2020

  •  2nd Place: 1 year free AHEPP membership

  •  3rd Place: 1 year free AHEPP membership


Practice Category

  • 1st Place: 1 free conference registration to the AHEPP Annual 2020

  • 2nd Place: 1 year free AHEPP membership

  • 3rd Place: 1 year free AHEPP membership