February 28, 2022 (requires separate registration)

How to Obtain and Maintain True Leadership Support for Your EM Program
9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Lunch Included)


  • Define the “value add” of emergency management

  • Empower Emergency Managers with a specific strategic goal focusing on five critical elements to make them successful and have a happy, productive and rewarding EM Career

  • Help Emergency Managers build a truly robust, productive and thriving program

Phillip Chaffee, MSEM, CEM, MEP, ABCP

Director of Emergency Management

University of Utah Health Care

Phil Chaffee is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and has been the Senior Director of Emergency Management for the University of Utah Health Sciences, Hospitals and Clinics since May 2009.  Prior to working for the University, Phil was the Emergency Manager for Primary Children’s Hospital (PCH) for several years.  

Phil completed his Bachelor of Science from the University of Utah in Health Promotion and Education with an emphasis in Disaster Preparedness in June 2005.  He completed his Master’s of Science in Emergency Management (MSEM) from Jacksonville State University in Alabama in December 2008.  Phil is currently working on completing his MBA through Western Governor’s University (WGU).  Phil is a FEMA Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP) and a certified Business Continuity Professional (ABCP).

Phil is originally from Southern California where he worked in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with Mercy Ambulance, AMR Ambulance, the San Bernardino County Sherriff’s Air Rescue and at Loma Linda University.  He was also employed for 10 years as an adjunct faculty for Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, California where he taught in the EMT and Paramedic program.

Emergency Preparedness 101 for Healthcare Facilities

9:00 am - 3:00 pm (Lunch Included)


  • Plan, develop, and implement a healthcare emergency preparedness program

  • Comply with the standards and regulations that a healthcare emergency preparedness program must meet

  • Identify the activities necessary to enhance collaboration, coordination, and relationships with response partners

David Wallace, DVM
Elizabeth Williams.jpg
Elizabeth Williams, MPH

Director Preparedness Training

University of South Alabama

Associate Director Preparedness Training

University of South Alabama

LinkedIn for Emergency Managers
9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Lunch Included)


The purpose of this course is to equip emergency managers with the knowledge to build a personal and corporate/agency brand geared towards the field of emergency management and effectively communicate that to their desired audience. The focus is aimed at the people in emergency management because people connect to people, not structures. If we want to effectively communicate our work and instill trust, we need our emergency managers to be connected to the community as the face of their respective entities.

This training workshop will walk through how to build proper LinkedIn profiles to enhance visibility and professional appearance to support both the individual and company/agency.

Participants will have training segments covering:

  • LinkedIn profile development and enhancement

  • Content creation

  • Digital networking


After each segment, participants will have the opportunity to apply the lessons in real time to make changes to their profile, collaborate with fellow attendees on future ideas and changes to their social media presence.

Participants should plan on bringing a computer to the session with a LinkedIn profile already created. It will be preferable for participants to have “All-Star” status completed on their profiles but not required.

These skills are essential for building trust among the community and fellow response/planning partners during blue sky days. The focus of the training will be geared towards the LinkedIn platform but these lessons are applicable across all social media platforms. The end result in time will be having community members who know where to go for accurate information that was developed on a consistent foundation of communication from people they now know.



Participants will learn about the following topics:

  • Learn and apply LinkedIn profile lessons to demonstrate professionalism and showcase knowledge and the desired personal brand to support their respective agency/company.

  • Learn what types of content exist on the platform and how to create content in a manner that establishes authority and builds participants up as thought leaders in their community.

  • Learn how to engage and network with people in the digital environment. What to look for in profiles and how to find people in targeted searches.

  • Build a beginning network or grow your existing network from the session participants.

Tobias Watson 
Exercise Planner
Constant Associates
Salem, Oregon

Tobias Watson is an Exercise Planner with Constant Associates. He has over 10 years of professional experience encompassing emergency management, firefighting, and emergency medical services.

Mr. Watson graduated from Union College in Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science in International Rescue and Relief. His highlights from college include five weeks of survival and rescue training in the Colorado wilderness that encompassed, and a Capstone semester in Nicaragua studying and applying skills in survival, austere medicine, global health, and firefighting.

Mr. Watson has served in multiples roles for emergency management providing training for emergency response, guidance for COVID-19, and program management and strategic development of healthcare emergency preparedness. His previous role was the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for a two-campus hospital with a Level II Trauma Center in Lincoln, NE where he grew the program and led strategic changes to lay a future of success.

He is an active LinkedIn user focusing on building a valuable network and learning through the many discussions and ideas shared on the platform. He has taken his experience and the lessons from others to help develop emergency managers on the LinkedIn platform.