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Building a Successful Code Captain Program


Too often Emergency Preparedness programs in hospitals are under staffed and under resourced (the mighty team of one). Launching and operating a volunteer Emergency Code Captain program can help expand the reach of an emergency manager and help build an overall culture of preparedness across all hospital departments. This presentation will go over setting up the program, creating buy-in and incentives, and how this initiative fits within an overall hospital's emergency preparedness program.

About the Presenter:




Andrew Moull, MA, Master of disaster and Emergency Management

Andrew has been working in hospital emergency management for the past 9 years and is currently working as the Emergency and Disaster Management Specialist at Hamilton Health Sciences. He is also currently serving as a Course Director for the York University Disaster and Emergency Management graduate studies program where he graduated from in 2014 and is teaching Emergency Management in Healthcare. He is also working with Conestoga College as a subject matter expert to build an honors degree program in Emergency Management. Andrew has always had a particular interest in exploring the gamification of training and exploring different approaches that allow for more effective, captivating, and of course, fun engagements with staff. 


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